New Electric Blanket

Since we installed our wood burning stove we have saved a lot of money on propane but it doesn’t keep our bedroom particularly warm and the house can get really cold in the morning before my hubby gets the fire started. We had been thinking about buying an electric blanket and finally did so last Friday. It has a five year warranty. We have a queen size bed but the full size electric blanket works just fine on it. There was a big difference in price between the full and queen size electric blankets. The queen size price was thirty dollars more than that of the full size.

We now have a nice electric blanket to keep us warm and toasty during the cold winter season. I don’t have to ask my hubby to warm up my bedside for me before I get in. Don’t get me wrong, my hubby makes a good heating pad but I get cold in the morning when he gets up before me. Last year we survived without a workable electric blanket but it is much nicer to have the bed warm and cozy before we jump in and in the morning when the house is cold.

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Family Reunion

Every May 2nd is my family reunion back in the Philippines. It is also the time for the village fiesta. I have heard from my siblings that they were planning to roast a pig. Only the three siblings, nephew, in-laws and my parents will be celebrating the reunion. There will be relatives there from both my parents sides. I was thinking about the celebration last night and it made me want to jump on the first flight back to the Philippines. I really want to be there but, unfortunately my hubby and I are not able to make it this time. I can’t help thinking about all of that tasty food that they are preparing right now and drool at the thought of it. I have asked my mother to remind my siblings to take pictures and send them to me. So check back later to see what they send.

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The World’s Largest Crocodile

The world’s largest live crocodile has just been captured in the southern Philippines. I first saw a picture of it on a networking site a few days ago but I did not expect that it would be a world record until I watched it on five o’clock news. They said that the saltwater crocodile is more than six meters long and weighs more than one thousand kilograms.

It took about one hundred people with ropes to pull the crocodile out of a river and then a crane to lift it on a truck. This saltwater crocodile is suspected of eating a fisherman who went missing in July and for killing a twelve year old girl whose head was bitten off a couple of years years ago.

I can’t wait to see this monster creature the next time I go visit my family in the Philippines. The local government has decided to put it on display in a park.

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The Jungle Girl

I had seen a report on television about a girl that grew up in the jungle. I think she was a twenty six year old Cambodian girl that had been reportedly abducted by a hairy ape man in the jungle when she was eight years old. She was recently caught stealing food with an ape man in a village some distance from where she had originally been abducted. They caught her when she was trying to steal food and the news spread all over the world. When her father heard about her capture, he was curious if it might be his daughter so he traveled to see her and positively identified her by a scar that she had received when she was a child.

Her father thought that she had been killed by an animal but they couldn’t find her body. She just disappeared one day. When he heard the news about the jungle girl, he traveled to the village where she was caught to see for himself if it might be his daughter. He recognized her from a scar that she had received from a childhood injury and then brought her back home to live with him. After coming home to live with her father she tried to escape back to the jungle many times but relatives were able to keep her from going back. Eventually, she was able to make her successful escape and has not been seen since.

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Which Template to Use?

I can’t make up my mind which template I should use for this blog.  It has been two days now and I am still looking.  My hubby told me not to ask  his opinion anymore when it comes to blog templates because I usually don’t like what he likes anyway.  I went through several different websites that offer free templates but I did not find what I wanted.   I will just keep looking for another few more days and hopefully I can find what I am looking for.  For now, I will keep this template until I can find a new one.  I like the current template of this blog but I want one that is brighter and a little  more colorful.  I kind of like the color combination of pink and white or blue and white.

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The Coldest Month

January is usually the coldest month here in northern Minnesota. We have almost gotten through it. A few more months to go and the spring season will be here.  I am looking forward to it so I can return to outdoor activities like fishing, gardening, cooking out and much more. Those are the best things that I  like about during the warm weather season.  During the cold days, all I want to do is stay in bed, eat and sit in front of the computer.  In short, I like to hibernate during the winters.  The cold season is also the time of the year that I gain a lot of weight.

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Got Home Late

I was planning to shop online yesterday for my prescription sunglasses but got home late. I might do it today after I finish some work on my blogs. I have a lot of opps to blog about that will soon expire. Actually they will expire on Thursday but I have to finish blogging about them today because tomorrow I am going to a party. I should have finish them last Sunday but got tired and joined my husband watching football instead. Today will be a busy day for me. I have a lot of typing to do. Hopefully my fingers can stay strong and I won’t get distracted by something else. I need to focus on getting my blogs done.

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