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When I grew up in the Philippines, my family never owned a vehicle of any kind. Living on the island of Mindanao did not require us to have one. We could normally get anywhere we wanted to go by either bus or tricycle (which is a motorcycle with a covered sidecar and passenger seats in the rear).

Since I got here to the US about six years ago, my hubby and I have owned five different vehicles and the one that he had when I got here had been purchased new only a few months before. It isn’t that my hubby likes to change vehicles every year, it is just that we have had an unusual string of accidents and circumstances which have put us in the position of needing to acquire another vehicle.

The car that my hubby had before I got here was a 1994 Chrysler New Yorker which he really loved. The car was very comfortable and good for long trips. Unfortunately, a big buck deer jumped out in front of him and totaled the car so he had to buy a new one in the fall of 2005. He got a good deal on that car but because he was in such a hurry to get one, he bought one with a four cylinder engine that wasn’t quite powerful enough to tow our boat.

That was the first time that he had used the internet to search for cars and he was back on the road again one day after his collision with the deer. By the next summer, he was thinking he should have got a car with a V6 engine and since his son liked our car, we decided to sell that one to him and looked for a new one. We were able to take our time and found exactly what we were looking for on the internet and got a great deal to boot. We liked that car really well and wanted to keep it forever but unfortunately we got run off the road in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on our way to my sister’s wedding and the car was again totaled. That time we decided to buy an old beater truck to get around until we could find a new vehicle that we would want to keep for a long time. We got a brand new 2009 Chevy at a great price and we still have the old beater truck to pull our boat and haul wood.

Using the internet to locate the vehicle we wanted and get a great deal at the same time has been a very satisfying and money saving process for us. If you live in the UK and are looking for a great little car that gets great gas mileage, you should check out Ford Direct online. They have many Used ford focus Titaniums and Used ford focus Zetecs in stock to choose from. Their ford focus 1.6 second hand vehicles get gas mileage in excess of forty miles per gallon and the diesel engine versions can get more than sixty miles per gallon. If you are looking to save big money on the high fuel prices, you definitely need to check the Fords.

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Harley Davidson Parts & Accessories

Many years ago, my hubby bought a new motorcycle so he could go riding with his friends. One of his friends had a Harley Davidson and after riding with him for a while, my hubby got envious and wished that he had bought a Harley. The sound and style was unique to the Harley and he thought that if he ever bought another motorcycle it would probably be a Harley Davidson. Since we live here in northern Minnesota, the motorcycle riding season is rather short and he has not really been in the market for a new motorcycle lately.

We are starting to think about buying a second home in the Philippines now and if we did, a motorcycle would be a great way to get around because the cycling season is year round there. My hubby has been thinking more and more lately that if we do buy a house in the Philippines that we would probably buy a motorcycle also. I don’t know if he still wants to get a Harley Davidson or not but I know where he could get harley davidson accessories at great prices if we do decide to buy one. Actually I am not even sure if they sell Harley Davidsons over there because I have never seen one. Most of the motorcycles there are small bikes like the ones my parents have. We rode one of them around the last time we were there and it was really a lot of fun.

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Garmin GPS

I like to travel a lot but I am afraid of getting lost. My hubby is pretty good at navigation but even he has trouble sometimes at night or when it is overcast. If he is in an familiar area, he generally knows which direction he has to go and if the sun is out or it is a clear night, he can pretty easily determine the points of the compass. A problem arises when the sky is heavily overcast. Our previous car had a compass but the one that we have now does not. A Garmin GPS would be a really handy device to have before we decide to take our next long trip.

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