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A Twins Fan?

I am a big baseball fan. I am a Twins fair weather fan to be precise. Recently, I haven’t keeping track of them because they are not playing well. They are on the bottom of the American League Central standing. Since the baseball season opener, I have only watched one Twins game so far. I haven’t seen them much of television as well. Unlike last year, they were always on TV every Sunday so I got to watch them. This year they are not and it is almost half way of the season already and I still don’t know the names of Twins new players yet. I am OK if I can’t see them more often on TV as long as they are winning because I can get updates of them online and that still makes me happy.

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Adrenaline-Charged Ski Adventures for Daredevils

Thrill-seeking skiers are always on the lookout for new challenges. From jumping out of helicopters onto pristine powder far from the beaten path to finding 60-degree slopes in equally out-of-the-way places, these daredevils will try almost anything. Following are five outstanding and challenging options, at premier resorts and remote mountains.

1. Gulmarg, Kashmir Region, Himalayan Mountains: In a disputed territory nestled on the border between India and Pakistan, skiers will find fantastic runs, spectacular scenery and, while in the lodge, even advertisements for nuclear fallout shelters. The area is only 80 miles from the town where Osama bin Laden was killed, and the Line of Control is “just over the next rise.” All the unrest, however, doesn’t stop travelers from taking in the gorgeous surroundings and topflight skiing. Riders will find friendly people from all over the world, including India, Brazil, France, Germany and Scandinavia. As an added bonus, the wildlife in the area is as dazzling as the views. Skiers have come face to face with bears, and some have even reported seeing snow leopards beneath their skis as they fly over jumps. No one has yet seen a yeti, but who knows what that shadow is behind that tree?

2. Wiencke Island, Antarctic Peninsula: The bottom of the world offers a unique skiing experience that juxtaposes a little bit of mountaineering with a lot of skiing. Skiers will have the opportunity to do both cross-country and alpine-style skiing as they tour the areas around Wiencke Island. This trip is ideal for intermediate skiers. The thrills begin with the unique way one gets to the island, which includes a two-day cruise across the Drake Passage and a rounding of the Horn. The wildlife includes penguins and all manner of birds, seals, whales and other fauna for which Antarctica is famous. Less-active family members can remain on the ship while the skiers traverse the “last frontier” of the Antarctic continent.

3. Aspen, Colorado, Rocky Mountains: Right at home in the center of the United States, Aspen offers some of the most challenging ski faces in North America. The resort boasts more than 2,500 vertical feet of 45-degree slopes at its Highland Bowl, and other hills provide 35-degree bowls that are accessible only by either 10-foot sheer jumps or cornices that are almost that tall. Black-diamond trails abound all over the mountain’s 11,212-foot height. Part of the resort’s allure is that less-experienced family members can find many intermediate trails while the experts thrash the powder in the backcountry. Best of all, Aspen offers world-class hotel accommodations that provide the perfect break from thrill seeking.

4. Hahnenkamm, Kitzbühl, Austria, the Alps: Austrian skiing legend Franz Klammer won the prestigious World Cup race on the face at Hahnenkamm an astounding four times. The course is notoriously difficult not only because of the challenging combination of technique and gliding required to negotiate it but also because of the flat lighting conditions in the area. Right off the bat, skiers must negotiate the “Mousetrap,” which is a harrowing jump mere seconds from the beginning of the run. After landing, skiers can quickly reach 80 mph and must immediately navigate a severe left turn. Of course, if someone really wants to try his or her luck, it’s just a little more than 56 miles up the road to Patscherkofel. Skiers can try to match or beat the 1976 gold medal time of Klammer himself: 1:45.73.

5. Panorama, British Columbia, Canada, Rocky Mountains: Recently named as one of the Top 10 Skiing Destinations in the world by USA Today, Panorama offers more than 100 pistes. Many of them provide exceptional thrills:

The Taynton Bowl

Sun Bowl and Extreme Dream Zone are particularly noteworthy. Whether cutting powder through the 2,847 acres of patrolled terrain or slicing tight turns through the trees down nearly 4,000 feet of vertical face, advanced and expert skiers can find enough to challenge them for days on end at Panorama.

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Lynx, WNBA Champions

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Finally, one of my favorite home teams has won. The Minnesota Lynx swept the Atlanta Dream winning three straight games in the WNBA Championship series. This is the second time the Lynx have won the WNBA Championship in the last three season.  The Lynx are a team that Minnesotans like me can be proud of.  Forget the Twins, Wolves and Vikings, way to go Lynx.  This is also the third season that my hubby and I have been watching the Lynx.  I wish we could get more of their games televised here. They only seem to get much coverage when they are in the playoffs. I am not into basketball much but watching the Lynx for the first time in 2011 when they played in the finals made me want to watch them every season. So, let’s go Lynx.  I am looking forward next year and hopefully we will get more TV coverage.

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WNBA Finals Game 1

The WNBA Finals opening game was played last Sunday at Minnesota’s home stadium, Target Center. The Lynx won 84-59 in game 1. The Lynx made a very strong statement after losing in the opening game of last season’s WNBA Finals to Indiana.

The Lynx were up 24-16 after the first quarter and extended their lead to 44-25 at halftime. In the beginning of the third quarter, the Atlanta Dream looked like they might had a slight chance of closing the gap but not quite there as the Lynx went on to extend their lead.

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Maya Moore led the Lynx with 23 points including three 3-pointers in the first quarter. Moore was 10 for 16 from the floor and grabbed seven rebounds. She is really good at putting the ball in the basket while leading the league in three point shooting percentage. Her second place finish in the vote for League MVP is somewhat of a mystery for me.

Timberwolves Support

In support of the Lynx, Minnesota Timberwolves stars Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio purchased 500 upper level tickets for Tuesday night’s game and are offering them to fans for free. That was very nice of them to give back to the community.

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Football Pre-season Kick Off

The baseball season is almost over but the football season has just started. I am pumping up hoping that the Vikings can give us, fans, a lot of winning games. I was disappointed with the Twins this year because they look like they will finish the season in the bottom of the totem pole. The Vikings lost their first game to the Texans. Not a good start of their season.

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Cubs Rooftop Tickets

Baseball is still one of the best sports to watch. The pace lets you read the newspaper between batters, get up for a cold frosty beverage, or just drift back into times past to one’s own days of glory on the fields of dreams.

Getting Chicago Cubs tickets has long been a dream of many fans, both old and young. It is one of the best-known baseball teams in the entire world and is the favorite team of millions of fans.

The original name of the Chicago Cubs was the White Stockings. Their name was first changed to the Chicago Colts and finally to the Cubs in 1906. Today, these tickets are as popular as they were back then. Despite all the changes the team has seen, the Cubs remain the only team in Major league Baseball to stay in the same home city since it the start of baseball’s National League, and obtaining Chicago Cubs tickets remains as exciting to fans everywhere as it was in the team’s early days.

The Cubs have played their home games at the historic Wrigley Field since 1916. Visiting Wrigley Field itself is a reason for many fans to wish for Cubs tickets. Wrigley Field is probably as famous as the team itself, partly because of its unique features such as the ivy-covered brick wall that takes the place of the outfield fences found in most baseball fields. Another big point of interest that has baseball fans everywhere seeking Chicago Cubs tickets is Wrigley’s rooftop seating. There are several buildings outside the park across the street from the outfield seats that have bleachers set up on their rooftops.
Today it’s easier than ever for fans to get those coveted tickets to a Chicago Cubs game. There are many different ticket brokers at a huge variety of locations from whom to purchase your tickets, and unlike in the early days you can use an online broker to get your tickets without standing in line.

The Cubs roof top has become a premier seating club to watch the game and have parties. With all the upgraded amenities offered at this the Wrigley Field Rooftop club located at 3617 N. Sheffield, Chicago IL., it is the perfect place to watch the game with co-workers, potential business clients or with a group of friends. You will enjoy the atmosphere of the club, complimentary food and beverages, shorter lines, comfortable seating and the companionship of your group.

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Twins Split Win with the Rangers

I think that the Twins may be a strong contender in the American League Central Division this year. I really liked how they were able to limit the high scoring Texas Rangers during their recent four game series. Even though the Twins lost the first two games of the series, it was only by one run each time. The next two games were very convincing wins by the Twins and they even recorded their first shut out in a long time in the fourth game. They actually outscored the Rangers 16 runs to 8 in the four game series.

The Twins starting pitchers and bullpen looked better than I have seen them in years. In the last two games, the Twins dominated with outstanding defense and pitching. During the fourth game, starting pitcher, Kevin Correia was very strong. He threw eight scoreless innings and giving up only six hits and one walk. Justin Morneau, who blasted a two-run homer helped the Twins to a 5-0 win over the Rangers. I am definitely a Twins fan, especially when they are winning :-).

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