Wedding Bands

Benchmark 1.5 CT Diamond Platinum Band 8mmMy hubby bought our wedding bands at a nearby jewelry store. It was the same store where he bought my engagement ring. We have been married for almost eleven years now. I am hoping to receive a diamond anniversary ring on our eleventh wedding anniversary so I browsed through joy jewelers wedding bands. I want another wedding but a diamond anniversary band will do :-). I already told him about that and he said “OK”. I want something like the one pictured above but it should have a 3 carat diamond. My hubby said sure, as soon as I make my first million.

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Diamonds for the Most Important Person in Your Life

3 Stone Diamond Engagement RingA pretty good indication of when a guy is serious is when he gives you an engagement ring. It means that he trusts you and he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. You will know that he is ready to settle down when he gets down on his knees and puts that ring on your finger. The size of the diamond not only represents his economic well being but also his commitment to you. That moment is every woman’s dream. It is still vivid in my memories the time when my hubby proposed and put the diamond engagement ring on my finger. It made me feel very special and there were no words that I could use to describe the overall feeling that I had. The best that I can do is to say that it felt like I was floating in the air.

The diamond engagement ring is a symbol of a lasting commitment that two people have for each other. Why is it usually a diamond? Because diamonds are forever. For centuries, diamonds have been used by couples who have joined together in a lifetime union of love and devotion.

"Tonaca" Diamond Engagement RingThere are many different styles of heart diamond engagement rings that contain a large solitaire accented with smaller diamonds. That type of ring has gained rapid popularity with today’s generations. These diamond settings can be modern in design or can be made of a vintage motif honoring the traditions of generations past. One of the popular styles today is that of antique engagement rings. Another popular style is the three stone ring which symbolizes the commitment of yesterday, today and tomorrow. This style of ring usually consists of a center asscher diamonds enhanced by two matching smaller diamonds on either side.

If you are ready to take the next step with that special someone in the world and are looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring for her, check out the wide selection of rings at Whiteflash. Whether you are looking for a round diamond or a princess diamond, Whiteflash has the best selection of AGS certified diamonds you can find anywhere. In fact, they stock the largest inventory of AGS ideal diamonds in the world. Not only do they have engagement rings, they also have loose diamonds, wedding bands, anniversary jewelry, diamond bracelets, pendants, earrings and much more. You can even create your own anniversary, wedding or engagement ring by browsing their gallery of custom designed jewelry. That service gives you an option to help you design the jewelry of your dreams.

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