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Fender Esquire

I like the look and the color of this fender esquire electric guitar. It has a single-pickup precursor to the telecaster. It features an ash body, maple neck, vintage-style bridge with steel saddles, volume, tone, and a 3-way quick tone-change switch. I can tell that my younger brother who is into musical instruments will love this. The overall natural look is just so eye catching to me.

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Mandolin Strings

Music is the language of the soul. According to recent studies, music play a huge role in the development of a child. Musical instruments, as simple as a drum for beating, helps a toddler develop the concept of cause and effect and hand coordination. When they get older, those that progress to musical instruments like the mandolin and its accessories like flatwound mandolin strings seem to have more creativity and artistry too. Studies have shown the babies in utero who listen to classical music tend to have higher IQs than those who weren’t exposed to music.

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Tube Combo Guitar Amplifiers

My sister and I bought my younger brother an electric guitar. That was our Christmas present to him a couple of years ago. He had been asking for it for quite a while and we finally gave in. Instead of buying it here in the US and having it shipped to the Philippines, we sent him cash so he could buy it there. That way we saved money on shipping and he could buy the electric guitar that he wanted. The money that we sent was not enough to buy a really good amplifier so he might be in need of an upgrade in that area. Maybe the next time we go over there, we can look for a nice laney ironheart guitar combo that would make his guitar sound a lot better.

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Yamaha Montage

Yamaha Montage 61-Key Flagship SynthesizerAre you or someone you know in the market for a Yamaha montage? If so, at the linked website, you will find the different sizes of Yamaha montages. There you can find the Montage 61-Key Flagship Synthesizer, the Montage 76-Key Flagship Synthesizer and the Montage 88-Key Flagship Synthesizer. Yamaha has known to be a leader in synthesizer designs so check out one of these models to see for yourself. Broadening your musical horizons is easy when you have the right instrument.

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Recording Gear

Behringer FCA610 Firepower/USB Audio Interface  One of my younger brothers is in a local band. He is a guitarist. Since he is interested in guitars, the amps and such, I am sure he dreams to have a great behringer fca610 at to go along with the electric guitar that my sister and I bought for him. Actually, he bought the guitar himself we just sent him the money. The guitar wasn’t the fancy kind but he was grateful to have one. That probably made his friends jealous because among of his friends, he is the only one that has an electric guitar.

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Drum Racks

Drums are definitely one of the most versatile musical instruments that are worth of investments. They can be used almost in any occasion, places, and/or music. Unlike guitars, drums can be used to any genre, whether rock, pop or even for praise and worships but they are best with bands. They are also the most durable instruments that come in with quality. Certainly drums like other instruments are considered investments, thus to ensure security of these investments, it’s always a smart choice to get your yamaha r-s700 electronic drum set assembled rack system at Musician’s Friend. They will assure you their genuine transaction and quality of their products.

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Nord Stage 2

Budding musician in your home deserves a nord stage 2 88 key stage keyboard as gift for Christmas or any occasion. If your kids love music, then it would be a great idea to enroll them in music classes and buy them their own instruments. Of course, this keyboard is not just for kids. In fact, this high-quality product delivers perfection, with error-free performances. Features like drum kits and various voices or music styles are offered for a better performance. It even has a registration memory that can accommodate recordings. This power-packed keyboard also boasts of setups in its music database.

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