Wedding Decorations

Interlocking hearts design toasting flutesWhen my hubby and I got married, I took care of most of the wedding details myself and that included the wedding decorations. My hubby would not be able to help me prepare for our wedding because he was half way around the world here in the US. That made it much more difficult.

I had wedding coordinators but they weren’t as helpful as I thought. They tried to change all of my wedding plans at the last minute so that it would be much more costly. That made my fiance mad because he thought I was doing a good job of planning our wedding without them. They represented themselves to be volunteers, free of charge, because they were my friends. I found out they were not my friends at all but were just trying to get money out of me. I knew them from a common friend who, at that time, was also getting married and they were coordinating the wedding for her.

Despite the fact that they volunteered to do it for free, I gave them what I thought they were worth. They then came back later asking for more. Their reason for asking more money was because they brought my wedding videos and pictures to me from the photographer. I think my wedding coordinator stressed me out more than the preparation for the wedding itself. When they came back to ask for more money afterward, my husband ushered me inside and threatened to beat them up if they wouldn’t leave immediately.

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