Discount Codes

Joules Discount Codes: 25% Off, Free Delivery & MoreI was planning of sending a balikbayan box to my family back in the Philippines. I haven’t tried it yet so I asked my friend how much it had cost for her when she sent one a few months ago. I asked her about the size of the box, the location of the store where I needed to pick up and drop off the box and if there is a charge to the recipient when they receive the box. She gave me the answers and right after I got all the information that I needed, I told my husband about it and he didn’t like the idea of sending a balikbayan box at all. His reason was that shipping is expensive and he would rather have me send money so they can choose and buy what they want for themselves.

A few weeks ago I went shopping and bought some stuff for my siblings and parents. Since I am not planning on vacationing anytime soon in the Philippines and I can’t send the balikbayan box as well, I will just have to wait and let the stuff sit around here in the house until I can bring it with me on our next trip there.

Since I am a thrifty shopper, I am always in the hunt for bargains and deals. Just a few weeks ago, I bought two bikini sets for under $20. My husband said I did not have the need for more swimwear but the deal was hard to pass up so I bought two more to add to my collection.

If you like to shop online check out Deals4Clothing. There you can find discount codes on your favorite brand names and hot items. I haven’t tried the voucher codes first hand on that site yet but it might worth giving a try soon.