New Electric Blanket

Since we installed our wood burning stove we have saved a lot of money on propane but it doesn’t keep our bedroom particularly warm and the house can get really cold in the morning before my hubby gets the fire started. We had been thinking about buying an electric blanket and finally did so last Friday. It has a five year warranty. We have a queen size bed but the full size electric blanket works just fine on it. There was a big difference in price between the full and queen size electric blankets. The queen size price was thirty dollars more than that of the full size.

We now have a nice electric blanket to keep us warm and toasty during the cold winter season. I don’t have to ask my hubby to warm up my bedside for me before I get in. Don’t get me wrong, my hubby makes a good heating pad but I get cold in the morning when he gets up before me. Last year we survived without a workable electric blanket but it is much nicer to have the bed warm and cozy before we jump in and in the morning when the house is cold.